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köhne sokaklar sonunda çıkmaz

saray bahçelerinde hüzün seli

neşe bulvarının umut bekçileri var

Gülhane’de bir ağaç kovuğunda saklı




yol kenarındaki selvi ağaçları misali

yalnız ve elif gibi dik durmalı

korumak için koca Çınar’ı.




uyku mahmurluğu rüzgarında yelken açmaya hazırlananlar

tufana tutulmadan varacaklardır elbet, ötekine…



-modern world-

roaming around brashly

talking around speechlessly

and complaining about





cracks in my story

that i deny

they’ll last infinitely




i floated on time

from the footsteps i left behind

cause winter draws on time

in a foggy mind



-long story short-

yet we fade every day

we don’t allow fading completely




no want to write

no time to be wise

time to be the perfect size

for the strongest rise



-life package-

a transparent layer of the future

you see it now

don’t attempt to try 

to live the past



-being alive-

even though pain keep us alive,

it takes sth everyday

every moment

from me, to you.




even narcissus

blossoms twice in a day

though people don’t bare their soul

not even once in a lifetime



-solar radiation-

leaving the country behind

with its flawless nature

takes a lot

to reach the clouds




face the world’s unpredictability

what we live for is




-absence of the world –

world falls apart

in two

and we

are wandering around the third part

inside the

outer space



– to the unknown past –

the pain of unbeing

indefinable torture


the faded part of


that was all

some words

and then

a ‘full stop’



-to the nature-

yawning of a tree

falling of a star

shapeless flow of the clouds

the challenge of the flames with the earth


cause of doneness and


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